How To Download From Google Drive

Google has recently blocked most GDrive managers, including Kesini and Sharer. This means all previous Kesini and Sharer links no longer work. And it is not possible to update one by one. But you can always report dead links, then we'll update them.

We decided to provide Google Drive links only via a Google Drive manager, which is the best solution for the annoying "quota exceeded" issue and link/file expiry.

Google Drive manager (FilePress) has 4 download options.

⦿ Direct Download: You can download the file through Google Drive without login. Generated link will be valid for 3 hours, but you can generate new files/links as many as you want. *recommended
⦿ Login Download: File will be shared to the email ID which you have logged in. You can find shared file in your Google Drive 'shared with me' tab. And it will be valid for 4 hours. You can generate a new file after the old one expires.
⦿ Add To My Account: File will be added to your FilePress account.
⦿ Mirrorace: You can download the file from more hosts. (Doodrive, Uptobox, Zippyshare, Gofile, Usersdrive, Dropapk, MEGA and more...)

Follow these steps to access Google Drive manager.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6 (Google Drive manager FilePress)

PLEASE NOTE: Newly generated files can take couple of minutes/hours to encode for online stream. Therefore we recommend or Streamtape for online viewers.
IMPORTANT: Our FilePress links only work if you access them from our website.

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