These are some of the frequently asked questions that people have asked.

Q) Is this website free?

A) Yes, this website is absolutely free. All the videos are 100% free.

Q) Do you take requests?

A) Yes we do take them sometimes.

Q) Will you upload new shows?

A) Yes if it’s popular enough or if a lot of people requests them.

Q) Do you offer Ad spaces?

A) Yes, we do but sometimes they are filled. Contact us if you want to put up an Ad here.

Q) How do I contact you guys?

A) You can contact us by going here. https://www.thepwc.tk/p/contact-us.html Please make sure you have read this FAQs first.

Q) When was this website launched?

A) This website was launched on February 2019.

Q) It says website is offline.

A) This means either the website is getting high traffic, the website is on maintenance, or the host is down (only for a few minutes).

Q) Why haven't you uploaded Smackdown yet?

A) It hasn’t came out yet. RAW, Smackdown, NXT, WWE PPVs, Dynamite and AEW PPVs are always our top priorities because a lot of people watch those mostly. We would never forget to upload them.

Q) Link shortener site is offline.

A) This can happen due to heavy traffic, site maintenance or host error. If the link shortening site doesn't work, please try again in a few minutes/hours.

Q) What is the 'Verified' badge?

A) We use this to verify that the link is true and correct. Verifying/Processing links are not ready so we recommend you not to hit the download link until it's verified.

Q) Why do you use captcha/password for download links?

A) To prevent bots from accessing the links.

Q) I’m a big fan of this website. How do I support this website?

A) Share this website to your friends/family. Share the posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other services.

Q) Do you take donations?

A) Yes. We take donations for keep this website up. Visit donate page.


Q) Content is deleted/rejected/quota exceeded.

A) This means the video was removed by hosted site, copyright notice removal, expired or too many downloads. Watch this video to learn how to fix Google Drive quota exceeded error.

Q) Advertisment keeps coming.

A) We can’t do anything about that. Those ads are from video hosting site. They’re not ours. However, no Ads on Google Drive, OneDrive, Sendcm and MEGA.

Q) Video is encoding in progress.

A) This means the video is being processed. It can take from couple of minutes to an hour depending on the video quality and the length of video.

Q) Video keeps buffering.

A) It’s most likely your internet connection. Try lower quality.

Q) Slow downloading.

A) There are no download speed limits on Google Drive, OneDrive, MEGA, Sendcm, Doodstream, Supervideo and Streamtape, these sites download speed depends on your internet connection speed. Other video hosting sites have some speed limits.

Q) Can I watch this on my mobile or tablet?

A) Yes, These video hosting sites supports all mobile and tablet devices.

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